• Dustin Ramsey

Top Tips for Fall Leaf Clean-Ups

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

As the colors start to change and leaves start to rain down it is incredibly important to clean-up all of the leaves from your yard, weekly if possible. If you wait to long and allow a mat of leaves to gather up you run the risk of destroying your lawn and allowing unneeded fungus to build up. With the following ideas/tips you can increase your leaf clean-up productivity and decrease the hassle.


- Start with blowing and raking as many leaves as you can onto the grass. Then mow over the leafs and bag. If you don't have a ton of leaves just mulch it and allow the nutrients to return to the lawn as a organic fertilizer (We have found it to be easier to mulch the leaves weekly rather then waiting to do it all at once and running the risk of the lawn getting fungus and killed. As well as far less leaves to bag and get rid of)

Tarp Tacos

- Use tarps rather then bags. Lay down a tarp flat on the ground blow and rake as much leaves as possible onto the tarp. When full, fold it like a taco and haul away. Suggested size around 8" x 10" if you go any smaller there is not enough room and if you go bigger it is often to heavy to lift.

Bag Faster

- When bagging have a pile of leaves ready and put your feet in the bag as shown on the picture then rake the leaves with your hands into the bag.

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